Weekend 14

It Mother’s Day, and when I wake up I walk over to the desk in our hotel room to hand my mom her gift. Once I gave it to her she opened it and she thought the things I got her was very very cute. So after we both get ready really fast and check out of the hotel. After getting our car from the Valet we started to look for places to eat all over Hollywood Blvd. we looked all around but we couldn’t find a place to eat so, we just got some coffee and went over to Citywalk.

It didn’t take us that long to get there. So once we did we parked and started looking for places to get any type of breakfast. Once we both agreed on where to eat we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and we both ordered the same thing. While eating I was practically singing to the songs being played off of the TV. when we left we kept walking around to look and most of the stores. After walking around for awhile we walked into this store that had like the weirdest things I have ever seen in my life.


They were these full body massagers, that you would lay down into and then water would shoot out of the top of it. But on top of your body would be plastic so that way you wouldn’t be getting wet.right when we were about to leave the guy working there persuaded us to buy one of the things on the counter. Once we left the store we had to go back to our car because if we stayed any longer we would have to pay more money.

There was a lot of traffic getting out of LA so it took us a long time to get to thousand oaks. But when we did we went to the mall and tried to find a parking space. But we couldn’t find one because the whole place was so packed. So then we just went home and ended the day early. The whole weekend was very very fun.


(no sunset)


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