Weekend 13

It’s easter weekend and my family is in town. When I wake up I overhear them talking really really loud, so I decided to just get up because I was already awake and if I stayed in bed I would probably go back to sleep. So when I got up I went into the kitchen and made myself some toast. I asked them what they wanted to do for the day, and they said just look around. When I heard that I kind of knew my day wasn’t going to be that eventful.


I went back to my room and picked out my clothes for the day because I wanted to be the first one ready for once. And I was. I waited for the rest of my family to get ready and cleaned some of my room. Once everyone was done getting ready we left and headed downtown. We didn’t really do much except for go into the shops and look around. We stopped by this one store called ocean side. Inside the store, there were so many cute things. My aunt and I were the only ones who found the store nice so we stayed in there the longest, her longer than me. When I was done with the store I went outside with my mom and uncle, and we talked about how long my aunt was taking in the store.


When we left the store we went straight to the beach. It was a hot and beautiful day, and the water was nice and cold. When I started walking down to the water I noticed a seal that was dead on the shore. I was confused on why it was still there because it looked like it was there for a while. After a while, I just ignored it and went on. We stayed at the beach for a while, until it got closer to 5, then we left because we didn’t want to miss our reservations for dinner. Right, when we left we went back to our house and got ready. It didn’t take that long for us to get ready only around 20 minutes.

Dinner wasn’t that long so we finished pretty fast. After we were done we went to go for a walk on the beach.during the walk, my family and I were just talking about how we don’t really visit each other that often because we are all busy. We also talked about our summer vacation and when that should be. At the end of that conversation, we didn’t figure it out completely. When we reached the end of our walk we all took pictures of the seals below us and the very very pretty sky.


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