Weekend 12

I’m in class and I get a text from my mom saying that she got out of work early. When she said that I thought that she was going to take about 30 minutes to come to school. But instead she was at school waiting for me, I didn’t know that so I walked all the way across campus and told her to meet me there. During this whole time, I felt rushed because I had work due at the end of the day, and I knew the only way I could do it was at school.by the time I got her text that she was here I had got nothing done.When I got to her car she told me that she left early because she had to go to the post office to drop something off for her work. I was shocked because she always complains about how she never get to leave work early, and she’s always working overtime. Once she was done venting to me about her job I asked her where she would want to go eat dinner. She came up with IHOP because she wanted to eat french toast.i was okay with that because for some reason I really wanted breakfast.

Once we got home stayed home for about two hours. I tried to do some of my school but my computer kept shutting down for some dumb reason. So I just gave up on it at started to watch some Netflix.

Around that time I was getting kinda hungry so I asked my mom if we could leave. She said yes, so I grabbed my camera bag and we left. Once we got to IHOP she and I ordered the same thing, French toast. It was kinda awkward because we were the only people there. So when we were done we paid and then left.

When we left we just drove around town till it got closer to the sunset. Once it was like 7:20 we headed to the beach. I got out of the car feeling really good, but then when I turned on my camera I realized that I left my card at home. So I had to use my phone for the ready of the night.

My mom and I walked around for awhile. We didn’t go that far because sand was getting in our eyes because of how windy it was.Even though I didn’t have the best quality camera I still took pictures of the very pretty sunset.


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