Weekend 11

My day starts off at 2 in the afternoon. When I realize the time I get up and began to get ready for the night. I pick out my outfit which takes forever because as usual I can’t find out what to wear. But once I do find an outfit I start to get official ready. First I take a shower, then once I get out I moisturize my face before I put on any makeup. Then once I can feel like the lotion is set in my face I  put on my foundation, eye makeup, and finally I bronze and highlight my face. Once I’m done brushing my teeth and putting on deodorant, I put on my outfit and shoes. Since I was done I left the house and went to go pick up my friend Leslie.


It took me awhile to get to where she was because i didn’t know her address, and she was taking awhile to respond.  But once she did I pulled it up on google maps and got on the freeway. I didn’t know that there would be traffic on the way to her so I was annoyed in way. I  felt kinda rushed because my aunt and uncles were waiting for me at my high school and  they wouldn’t stop calling me. So in all it took me 30-ish minutes to pick up Leslie. After picking her up I went to the school and introduced her to my family. As I did all the introducing it was about time to go to the concert.


When we go to the bowl we were ahead of my family, so we decided to walk up to our seats. It took the first ban about an hour to start playing. Within that hour we walked around, got food, and looked at the view of our town. While we were looking at the town we heard the first band start and immediately went down to our seats. We both didn’t know who the artist ( Jack Garratt ) was so we just sat in our seats. When he was down with his set I thought he was really good, he reminded me of Flume. After him was Grouplove, and they were great, but my favorite part of the night was the last band. Two Door Cinema Club has been one of my favorite band for a while now. I loved every part of their set. The whole night just was amazing.



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