Weekend 10

It’s the weekend before Easter and my mom and I have to start to cleaning our house because our family is coming for Easter. So when I wake up I have like a million things to do. At least that’s what it feels like. When I finally managed to get myself up I decide to just get the hardest part done first. And that was the shower. After cleaning my shower I decided to reorganize my makeup. I started with cleaning my brushes and then moved on throwing out my old makeup. When I was done with that I started to clean my shower. I started off with taking all of my body soap and hair products off the shelves and then cleaned the shelves. Then I moved on the to clean the floor. I decided to take the bleach and Clorox to clean the floors. Then I did the same with the walls. 

After cleaning out my shower I went outside to help my mom with gardening. I helped my mom put up a shade on the front porch. I also helped her cut some of the bougainvilleas that were too tall for her to reach. After all that I went into our shed and got out some cute decorations for the front of the house. After around an hour of disagreeing where they should go, we put them where I thought would look nice. Now it was about 5:30 and I still needed to clean out our Guest room. There was a lot of my clothes in there so it took me about another hour to organize them and put them in my closet.

Later on in the night, my mom I went on a quick run down the street to get some dinner. But before I got our food I went to the beach just for a little bit to watch the sunset begin. I didn’t stay long because I got really cold. But when the sunset was behind the clouds and I couldn’t see it anymore, that’s when I left. When I left I went over to go order the food and then go home.


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