Weekend 9

I look outside my window to see that it is a sunny, bright morning. It’s eight when I wake up and I get up to find that my house is empty. Once I find my phone I notice that I need to get ready. I find an outfit and get into the shower. After I am done I get dressed and go to the car. We begin to head over to The Coffee Bean and I buy a Pressed Juice and my mom gets her usual coffee.

After we are done ordering, we return to our car and start our adventure to LA.it takes us about two hours till we get to Beverly Hills, Beverly Center. When we first get there it takes us awhile to find a parking spot, but once we do we go straight over to Forever 21. While I  was looking around I lost my mom. I had to call her and she told me she was upstairs where all of the on sales clothes were.

When we were done in Forever 21 we went to the Apple store then Macy’s. In the Apple store, i asked one of the ladies how long their wait would be for the genesis bar. Once they say two hours I just leave because I thought that was a while, and my mom and I wanted to go to the grove. So once I leave I meet my mom at Macy’s and we look for a couple of spring things. We left the store with 2 items in our bag.

After leaving the Beverly Center we went to the Grove to eat lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Once we get upstairs to the very crowded dining room, we both sit down and order our food. Once we get our food we start to discuss where we are going to watch the sunset.

We figure out where we are going to go. So once we get our food we head over to the little pond, and then leave. It takes us about an hour to get to the Griffith Observatory. On our way up I notice how pretty the whole city looks.when we get to the top we realize that sadly we can not get in, so we just go back down the hill and back to another Coffee Bean.

While we sat there I just thought it would be easier to just take pictures of the sun setting on the drive back home. Once we leave the coffee bean we start to leave LA. We leave LA by driving through Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

After all of that, we get on the freeway and start to head back home. I notice that while we are heading home the sun never completely went down.



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