It’s the first day of spring break. I wake up and my room is full of sun. the first thing that I do is pick out my outfit for the day and then put on my makeup. When i’m all done I go over to the living room and made my breakfast. I ask my mom what she wants to do for the day. She sai9d she wanted to get her coffee and get her nails done, so once we were all done eating we left the house. It took us about 7 minutes to Coffee Bean and the Nail Place. 
When we get to the nail salon i ask for gels and my mom just wanted her toes done. Right when I sat down I immediately pick out the color that I wanted. Once I told her the color she started on my nails and finished in 30 minutes. When my nails were done, I sat next to my mom and waited till her toes were done drying.

After getting our nails done we went over to a little bike shop close to Coffee Bean. When we got out of the we found out that the bike shop was closed for a couple of hours, so we decided to get lunch at a mexican place close by. When we got over to the the mexican place we find a seat and order. While waiting we talked about what we were going to do when she got her days off from work. When we got our food we continued our conversation and decided that we would go to Los Angeles.

 When we were done we went back over the the bike shop and bought a basket and a lock for me. While I was looking, my mom was looking for a bike of her own bike. When she was done looking I bought the basket and lock and we both left,and headed home.

Later in that night my mom and I decided to go over the bluffs to watch the sunset. We started walking over to a little look out spot where you could see a bunch of daisy and while looking out into the ocean. It kinda of got a little cold so I went back to our car and watched the rest of the sunset.


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