Weekend 7


My weekend started out early on a Wednesday morning when a bunch of students came to school early to get on a bus and go to Sequoia National Park. When I first came to school I was shocked at how many people were at school early. As I waited for my friends to come I feel asleep in the car. Once my friend got to school I waited till she was done with unloading her suitcase. Once she was done, we got in line to get on the bus. When we got in there weren’t any seats open around our friends so we had to sit in the very front of the bus. My friend was a little bit annoyed that we had to sit in the front but I didn’t mind because we had like a little table and an outlet.

Once we started going I put in my headphones and started pressed play on one of my favorite playlists. It took us around 3 hours to get to the place that we could all eat. We had 30 min to eat and get back on the bus. My friends and I went over to McDonald’s, I mostly wanted to go to McDonald because of the inside playgrounds that they had. When we were all done a couple of us went to the bathroom and a few back to the bus. Once everyone was on the bus we had two more hours to go till we arrived. During those two hours, I either watched Netflix or listened to Netflix.

After what seemed like forever we arrived at the lodge’s parking lot. When everyone had their things most of the people started throwing snow while waiting for directions. After waiting we went inside and got assigned our rooms, and unpacked. I think around this time it was around noon and the group was getting ready to go on a nature walk. On the walk, people started snowball fights. During the walk, my friends and kept on slipping on the ice. Even at one point one of my friends lost her GoPro and another one of my friends stayed back to help her find it. Luckily she found her GoPro.

On one of the days, I got up early to watch the sunrise from the exit door by my room. After watching the beautiful sunrise my friends and I got breakfast and made plans for the day.

When we were finished eating our food we went to our rooms and put on our snow gear and then left. After all this, we went to a hill and started tubing down it. Two of my friends went down a more bump hill. When they got to the bottom the both fell off and hit their heads. So then my other friends and I went down an another hill to see if they were okay. Once we knew that they were okay we went back to our rooms and started to pack. 


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