Weekend 6

It’s a Saturday morning and when I wake up its 10:00. My mom comes in my room and tells me she’s going to out for some coffee and want to know if I want some. Automatically I say yes. When she leaves I  turn on my TV and go to Netflix. As I’m scrolling through the movies I see something that I have seen before but then again haven’t. I know that may make zero sense. The movie was Grease but not the 1978 version the Grease Live version. At first I was a little bit iffy about it because the only reviews I saw was on Vanessa Hudgens performance as Rizzo. But then I thought why not just watch it, just to see the difference between 1978 and the live version. After watching it I thought it was a good movie.

Later on in the day my friend Leslie came over. She was supposed to come over around 4 but she came a little bit later, which made me happy because I wasn’t ready at all. When she showed up we both got in the car and went over to Padaro Beach Grill to grab some dinner. She got a prime burger and I got a chicken sandwich. When we found a table, my leg scraped against the table. When our pagers went off we both went to the counter and got our food. As we were eating we talked about our futures and just life.

Once we were finished we left the grill and started to walk to the beach. That is when I realized I was bleeding. But I just ignored it and went on. Leslie and I kept trying to find an easier way to get to the beach. We tried going in behind a house to see if there was a path, but sadly there wasn’t a path. On the side of the houses there was a pathway to the beach. I was hesitant to pass because I kept on hearing a train hon, but I couldn’t see it. So I just decided to go over the tracks because the train sounded like it was far away. When we got over we both started looking for places to put down a blanket. Once we found a spot we put or things down and rushed over to the water.

I turned on my speaker and started playing a flume radio station. We walked along the shore and took pictures. As we were taking pictures, I started to sing a Moana song, since it went perfect with the moment. When the sun was setting I turned around and saw the moon rising. We stayed at the beach until 7, and then we came back to my house. When we got to my house we went into my room, and started watching some of our favorite movies when we were kids, like Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2. While we were watching the movie we began talking about the old shows we used to watch and love. After all the talking and movies she left and sadly my night ended there.


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