Weekend 5

Its Saturday, I wake up and the time is noon. I wake up to find my dog laying aside me. Once I see her I shook, my dog looked very very different because of the haircut she got. To be honest when I saw her I started laughing because she looked like one of those hairless cats. At least that’s what I thought of her. It was so early in the morning for me, and she had so much energy in her. If it wasn’t for my dog id probably would have slept another hour.

When I finally got up,I ate breakfast watched some TV then got ready to leave my house. Once I got in the car I had no idea what was planned for the day. When we got into Santa Barbara, we went to the Bowl to buy tickets to go see someone I never heard of. Natalie Merchant. Because of the fact that I have never heard her music I didn’t really want to go. But then she told me where we were sitting and then I was more open to going.

After buying the tickets we headed over to the Macy’s at La Cumbre Plaza, because they had more things than the one on State. When we got there we only bought a few things and left. It was a very quick stop. After all this my mom and I went back home and just ate lunch there and waited till 5:00 so we can leave and head back towards SB.

When we got outside I had a feeling that the sunset was either going to end up being pink or a warm yellow tone. When we got to Butterfly beach I immediately took my shoes off and started to walk towards the water. Around this time you could tell that the tide was rising. At first when I put my feet in the water I thought it was gonna be a normal temperature, but it was kinda cold.

So after just standing on the sand I decided to go join my mom and stand on a rock instead. We both stood there as the waves crashed on the rock and the sun started setting. While staying there I played music and we talked and laughed.

Even though my mom and I didn’t do anything adventurous it was still a pretty fun weekend.

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