Weekend 4

It’s a Saturday afternoon and there is still plenty of time for winter formal. It’s around the time of 1:00pm and I had 4 hours to get ready. I thought four hours would be enough time for me to go to the store, and get ready.so once I got ready I left my house and went over to Cvs to go buy makeup for the nights look. When I got there I bought setting spray, eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick and highlight. At this time it is around 1:40 around four hours to get ready and meet up my friends to take pictures.

Once I was done getting ready (it took two hours) I headed over to pick up my friend Kim. And then we went over to Alice Keck Park to meet up with our friend Leslie.once she showed up we walked around to find a spot to take pictures, we went over to the gazebo and took so many pictures.


When we got bored there we walked around some more and went over to this big tree that is sort of in the middle of the whole park. We liked it there a lot so we stayed there. My mom was taking most of the pictures, so she was very very confused on how to take the pictures, even when I had the camera in auto. So most of them came out blurry. But the ones that didn’t I thought looked cute.


When we were done we got in our cars and headed over to the habit for dinner. over the week we  All  didn’t know where to go for food, and we all agreed that we didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so then we came up with something as casual as the habit. When we got there we ordered our food, and began talking about random things, and what to do after we were done eating because we had plenty of time left. I thought that we could go to the beach but it was cold so that was out of the question. Then Leslie and Kim thought of going down to state street. So I ordered the Uber. 

When we got to state we went straight to Sephora to touch up our make up, and Leslie got someone to do her eye makeup. after about 2o minutes Kim and I really had to go to the bathroom so we went to Nordstrom. After this we took a uber back to the school and waited in the photo-booth line for Desirae and Alize. Once they came we took our pictures and  spent the rest of the dancing and having fun.


Later in the week my mom and I went over to the beach down the street and looked at the sunset for a while.



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