Weekend 3

A four-day weekend,off of school, and no alarms to wake me up at 5:30 am. My weekend wasn’t very eventful due to the rain, but I still managed to get out of my house. On Friday my mom and I went into Santa Barbara to set up a Bank account. When we got there my mom kept on complaining about the rain, which really annoyed me because normally Southern California doesn’t get a lot of rain, and I wanted her to be grateful for it. Deep inside I think she was grateful for the rain, but I think she just doesn’t like driving in it.

After setting up the account we headed over to the Macy’s on state street. When I walked in I was so surprised on how many things were gone. There was at least about three departments that were empty. Since everything was gone I rushed over to the shoe department and started looking for my winter formal shoes. Once I found the pair I wanted and thought would look good with my outfit I bought them and left.


When we were done at state we headed over to the Beach to look at the waves. When we got to the beach it was hard for me to open the door because the wind was so stronger than I expected. I realized that I couldn’t go out with just a thin sweater on so I grabs my rain jacket and went out. For some reason I thought it was so cool and calming to be out in the rain.


After this my mom and I went to Mesa Cafe. when we got our food the power went out in the whole restaurant. We could hear everybody in the restaurant yelling or whistling.Since  the power was down my mom and I decided to head home. Once I got home I went into my room and cleaned my sheets and blankets because my dog got mud on them too. I went over to turn on my lights and it turned out the power was out at my house too. Since the power was out and it was still raining hard, and my dog was constantly whining. I decided to just stay with her the whole night.

( Because of the rain over the weekend I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the sunset.)


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