Weekend 2

Five hours may seem like forever to anyone, but when you have about seven things to do in different locations, five hours will seem like two hours. That is what my Saturday felt like. When I woke up, I was expecting my room to be dark, but instead it was sunny. As far I could see the sky was perfectly clear, there was only a few clouds and they were pure as snow.


Once I got into Santa Barbara I went over to the Macy’s at La Cumbre Plaza to go look for shoes for winter formal. My mom went over to a couple of watches. While she was returning the watches I went over to the shoe section, and sadly didn’t find anything. So I began to wait in the perfume department of Macy’s until she was done.


After all of that we went down into state street, and went to the Macy’s there because they were having a sale. We spent about 30 mins in there and only bought a few things. At this time we thought we had plenty of time to finish our shopping spree, so we went into Victoria’s Secret. I bought and bought so many things the total was around 90 dollars (I got the free tote).


Now it was around 4 o’clock and we still had a couple of things left to do. So we headed over to the Vons in Montecito and spent quite a long time in there because we had no food in our house what so ever. After going grocery shopping we went over to the YMCA in Montecito and got our memberships.while we left I was so surprised at how much water was in the creek below us. It had been so long since I saw water running in that creek.


Finally, when the day was nearly over we went to Summerland, Lookout Point Beach. When I got out of the car I basically ran down to the beach. I was practically in awe of how beautiful the sun looked glistening over the water.


I walked around the beach for around an hour, dipped my toes in the sand, until this woman asked me to take a picture of their family. When I was finished I was so surprised at how the day was so beautiful. I have never seen a day like that before.



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