Weekend 1


Over the weekend I didn’t do much due to the fact that my mom  was sick most of the time. But when I did manage to get out of the house with her it was to go watch the sunset from multiple locations.


We left the house to go to a place that my mom has never been before, Loon Point. Once we got there we found a short trail that led to the train tracks.

. img_4435

After we walked along the tracks we went back and found another trail that lead  to a bridge that is above the freeway. We took a couple photos of the sunset. After we were finished taking the pictures we went back to our car. At this time we were racing the sunset, so we drove over to a place that had more of an ocean view, and was closer to our house.


Once we got to Padaro Beach we went over to the huge rocks and watched the waves and the sunset. There was this one moment when the train was about to pass through the beach, and my mom got scared that I was too close to the tracks. But I ignored her and just went closer until I heard a very loud high-pitched sound. But there was enough distance between me and the tracks.


When the train passed through I was so close that it was in arm’s length. At least that is what it felt like.


Once I noticed how close I was I backed away. After the train came through I went back to where my mom was and we both stood as the sun finished setting. Once it was done and we both got our pictures, we went back to our car and headed home. On the way home we both wondered if the supper bowl halftime show was going to be great.


When we came home our dog ,Bella, went crazy for about a straight five minutes. We had only been gone for around an hour and she acted like it had been days. Even though my day wasn’t very productive it was still very nice.


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